Ionithermie –
cellulite killer and detox miracle

Ionithermie is an effective treatment which pampers your body with high-quality products and therapeutic effects, causes a few centimetres in your problematic areas to vanish in a minimum of time, and makes your skin firmer. And all that without any exercise. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, Ionithermie is also a true detox miracle – the purely biological substances are introduced in the skin and have a detoxifying effect.

It used to be reserved for stars like Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey or Heidi Klum, and is now also made available to you by CRYONIS on an exclusive basis – give it a try – the results speak for themselves!

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An overview of Ionithermie:


Ionithermie makes
your skin firmer

Light electrical stimulation effectively fights cellulite and fat molecules. The result: considerably firmer skin.


Ionithermie is

The purely biological active substances release toxins in the cell structure, which are excreted through the lymphatic system.


Ionithermie delivers
immediate results

After only one session, the results are not only noticeable, but also measurable!

How does Ionithermie work?

After a gentle massage with algae oils, the body part to be treated is covered in a mixture made of seaweed, ivy, guarana extract, essential oils and amino acids which detoxifies and mineralises the body.

Electrical stimulation applied with electrodes lets the active biological substances penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The body is detoxified and re-mineralised, the cellulite is disintegrated and excreted through the lymphatic system.
The result: firmer skin and considerably reduced wateriness.

Ionithermie can be applied specifically in a certain problematic area or all over. For optimum results, we recommend several subsequent treatment sessions.

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