Anti-Ageing (making the skin firmer) through Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy makes your skin firmer

Cryotherapy stimulates cell regeneration

Cryotherapy visibly reduces wrinkles

The main reason for the development of wrinkles and cellulite and the natural ageing of skin is a lack of collagen. Cryotherapy treatment greatly increases and stimulates the natural production of collagen in the body, which results in smoother skin and a smooth complexion. Existing aged or damaged cells are effectively destroyed by the cold and the natural, biological cell regeneration process is stimulated. These two effects of cryotherapy produce visible improvements of the skin texture and visual structure – no matter whether with whole-body cryotherapy or a local treatment.

After a cryotherapy treatment, your skin is not only fresher and firmer, but also regenerated and more elastic, which visibly reduces the signs of skin ageing.