Cryotherapy for arthritis

Cryotherapy stimulates the immune system

Cryotherapy reduces pain and inflammation in arthritic joints

Cryotherapy improves joint function and mobility

When you suffer from joint problems and pain caused by arthritis, the pain is often constant and can be localised in the affected joint. This pain is brought on by inflammations caused by an illness, daily wear, or muscle tension. Cryotherapy effectively helps you to reduce the pain in the arthritic joint.

On this topic, the physician Colin Crosby who specialises in muscle and joint diseases explained the following (abstract) to the Daily Mail UK in London:

“Cryotherapy stimulates the endocrine system with the intense cold and produces a number of anti-inflammatory substances and pain-relieving hormones. The body also produces feel-good endorphins and adrenalin. This is of enormous help for the repair of injuries.“