The secret of the stars – Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is the latest beauty and anti-ageing trend from the United States and Dubai. Stars such as Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan or Daniel Craig made Cryotherapy a valuable part of their beauty and wellness routines long ago.

Top athletes and top teams from professional sports, among others Cristiano Ronaldo and his complete Real Madrid team, LeBron James or Tiger Woods, but also recreational athletes profit from the benefits of cryotherapy to improve their regeneration and performance.

The areas of application and the benefits of cryotherapy are almost limitless.

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Weight reduction
through cryotherapy

Cryotherapy stimulates your metabolism

Cryotherapy increases calorie consumption

Cryotherapy is conducive to fat burning

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Anti-ageing (making the skin firmer)
through cryotherapy

Cryotherapy makes your skin firmer

Cryotherapy stimulates cell regeneration

Cryotherapy visibly reduces wrinkles

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Cryotherapy for
fighting cellulite

Cryotherapy reduces cellulite

Cryotherapy revitalises the cell structure

Cryotherapy detoxifies

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for arthritis

Cryotherapy stimulates the immune system

Cryotherapy reduces pain and inflammation in arthritic joints

Cryotherapy improves joint function and mobility

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for fibromyalgia

Cryotherapy boosts your immune system

Cryotherapy reduces muscle and joint pain

Cryotherapy enhances your general well-being

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for psoriasis

Cryotherapy prevents the further spreading of psoriasis

Cryotherapy stimulates the formation of healthy skin cells

Cryotherapy alleviates the skin disease psoriasis

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Recovery - Sport & Fitness

Cryotherapy for

Cryotherapy stabilises joints

Cryotherapy has an inflammatory effect

Cryotherapy enhances your performance capability

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Cryotherapy for pain relief
(e.g. for back pain)

Cryotherapy reduces your sensitivity to pain

Cryotherapy has an anti-inflammatory effect

Cryotherapy accelerates the healing process

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