What is a CRYO sauna?

A CRYO sauna is a cubicle open to the top, the inside of which is cooled down to temperatures of -140° C to -180° C by means of liquid nitrogen. During the treatment, your whole body (except neck and head) is inside the cubicle. The treatment is performed with you standing upright – for that purpose, the height of the base plate can be adjusted in order to ensure an optimum treatment for patients of any height. It is entered through an integrated door which can also be opened from the inside at any time during the treatment.

How does a CRYO whole-body therapy work?

During the CRYO whole-body therapy, the surface temperature of your skin is greatly reduced for a period of up to three minutes. During the treatment in our CRYO sauna, your body is enveloped with very cold air (-140° C to -180° C). Superficial blood vessels constrict, and the blood supply in the skin and the top tissue layers is reduced. The distinct cooling down of the skin helps to achieve considerable cosmetic and medical results, such as firming of the skin, stimulation of your metabolism and an associated weight reduction as well as muscle relaxation and a pain-alleviating effect. After you leave the CRYO sauna, your skin temperature very quickly returns to its regular level.

Is a CRYO treatment uncomfortable?

The very low temperatures inside the CRYO sauna do not cause any pain or discomfort. As the cooling off proceeds, tissues become less and less sensitive to pain – your subjective experience of pain is reduced. At a skin temperature of 15 °C, it is already completely pain-free. In addition, our treatments are limited to maximum three minutes per session. This does not only ensure the optimum duration of the individual sessions for you to achieve a maximum effect, but also makes sure that the cold therapy does not have any disagreeable or even harmful side effects.

What risks are involved in a cryotherapy treatment?

Cryotherapy treatments are not harmful or hazardous to health. The liquid nitrogen which is used as coolant does not get in contact with the skin. In addition, the treatment is accompanied and carried out by qualified and trained specialists. During each session, the temperature inside the CRYO sauna, the progress of the treatment and the physical well-being of the person to be treated are monitored permanently.

How long does a cryotherapy treatment take?

The treatment in the CRYO sauna takes three minutes at the most, but it can be carried out several times a day. Local cryotherapy treatments vary depending on their extent and can take up to 60 minutes per session.

Who is discouraged from receiving cryotherapy treatment?

Persons who have uncontrolled hypertension, a heart pacemaker, underwent chemotherapy for cancer for a prolonged period of time, have deep vein thrombosis, a cold allergy, or pregnant women.

If you are not sure whether one of these contraindications applies to you, please consult your physician beforehand.

I am claustrophobic. Can I still use a CRYO sauna?

Our CRYO sauna is open to the top. Your head and your neck are not inside the CRYO sauna at any time during the treatment – as a result, it will not make you feel claustrophobic. In addition, the CRYO sauna has a door which is never closed or locked – you can leave the sauna at any time without the help of another person.

What do I wear during my treatment?

For whole-body cryotherapy, you put on underwear or swimwear. In addition, your hands and feet as well as your face and your ears will be protected from the very low temperatures. We will give you suitable protective equipment before your treatment.

What objects must not be taken along into the CRYO sauna?

Any kind of metal objects, such as necklaces, rings, piercings, bracelets, earrings, etc.). Glasses and wristwatches also have to be taken off before treatment.

Is a single cryotherapy session sufficient and useful?

Noticeable and visible results are achieved after only one treatment, but we recommend our customers several consecutive sessions over a period of one month in order to achieve optimum results. Our treatment packages are ideally suited for that.

After how many sessions will I see the first results?

Treatment results always vary depending on the individual. In general, however, it is safe to say that noticeable and visible results can be expected as early as after the first treatment. A whole-body cryotherapy session releases endorphins in the body, you will have more energy and feel more vigorous. This state can last several hours, even days. Cosmetic and medical results can be achieved as early as after the first treatment. For long-term and lasting results, several recurring sessions are required.

How do CRYO facial and a local cryotherapy treatment work?

For CRYO facials and local applications, a similar technology like the one used for whole-body cryotherapy is used. The targeted local use of very low temperatures helps to close the pores on your face or the respective body region. The lowering of the surface temperature of the skin to approximately 7 to 8° Celsius strongly stimulates the natural production of collagen in the body. These two factors combined make the skin in the treated body area considerably firmer. Noticeable results are achieved after a treatment of only 10 minutes.